America Shocked After Barron Trump Spotted For The First Time Since Rosie O’Donnell Incident [WATCH]

by American News 0

Rosie O’Donnell received major backlash after sinking so low she went after 10-year-old Barron Trump to get back at his father.

Now, just after Melania Trump is threatening to sue over the video Rosie infamously retweeted, Barron has been spotted by reporters for the first time.

Daily Mail reported that photos have surfaced of Barron playing with a group of children at his family’s Mar-a-Lago estate in Palm Beach, Florida. Trump and his family spent Thanksgiving at the lavish family home.

According to sources, Barron was being watched closely by what appear to be Secret Service agents. Reports confirm a group of 150 security personnel was assigned to watch the Trumps while they vacationed.
Mar-a-Lago proved a difficult compound for the Secret Service to patrol, given that the Trump’s quarters are located in the same building where members of the club mingle.

The fact that the estate faces an intercoastal waterway is also of concern, but we’re happy to see that Barron continues to live a carefree live—oblivious to the attacks from bitter rivals.