Al Sharpton Pays Big After Announcing Donald Trump Protest

by American News 0

A few days ago, Al Sharpton announced that he would be marching on Washington on Martin Luther King Day to protest Donald Trump’s inauguration—set to take place just five days later. To the notorious race-baiter’s disappointed, things aren’t quite going as planned…

Recent reports indicate that Sharpton’s “We Shall Not Be Moved” has gotten the support of fewer than 1,000 people on Facebook. Instead, liberals are committing to the Women’s March on Washington, which already has 175,000 RSVPs and an additional 250,000 people interested.

This is a slap in the face to Sharpton, given that two of the key organizers are former executive directors of National Action Network, the civil rights nonprofit Sharpton founded in 1991. In fact, the Women’s March is led almost exclusively by black women, cutting into the audience he is targeting for his own march.

“Sharpton’s very worried, because obviously, it would be a big embarrassment if no one shows up,” one source commented. “Publicly, they say, ‘We’re all getting along.’ Behind the scenes, they’re fighting like cats and dogs, and Sharpton was trying to get them not to hold the rally until March.”

What do you think? Is Sharpton getting exactly what he deserves?