Actor Michael Mckean Makes One Of The Most Disgusting And Disrespectful Comment About Sutherland Springs’ Victims

by Kevin 0

Like every mass shooting, there is always an overwhelming number of boneheaded takes offered up on the situation or on gun control, but actor Micheal McKean had his own brand of horrible comments on the situation, we had to share.




What is he even getting at here? is this a joke? because if so, it’s disgusting, in poor taste and not appropriate in the wake of the shooting. “Had the prayers shot right out of them,” yeah thats the image a young girls mother is going to want to be thinking about right now. It’s as if he’s trying to be clever “maybe try something else,” when Paul Ryan was offering sincere words of sorrow and condolences.








Needless to say, twitter was just as upset and confused as I was, I still have no clue what he is getting at? what is the motive? and why even say it? are you intentionally trying to get people upset? This tweet looks like a teenager trying to be funny and it’s really disappointing to see from a man and a public figure. Prayers go out to all the families and all those affected by the mass shooting in Texas, and prayers go out to Micheal McKean also, something tells me his soul will need saving.