A 10 Year-Old Boy Is Mowing WH Lawn, Gets The Surprise Of His Life When Trump Shows Up

by American News Editor 0

President Donald Trump receives a multitude of letters sent to the White House from children in particular. The most recent letters that our President was sent came from a boy named ‘Pickle’ and from someone wanting to cut the lawn.

We even got to hear one of these letters earlier in August when Sarah Huckabee Sanders read one aloud from the then 10-year-old Frank who was offering to cut the grass for free even though he usually charges $8:

The contents of the letter stated:

Sanders announced that 11-year-old Frank would be coming to the White House to cut the grass. Here is a photo of the president and Frank in the Rose Garden on Friday morning:

With the caption:

There is more photos of these two below. They look like they are already good friends:

This is priceless.