Donald Trump Showed Up At Ground Zero 2 Days After 9/11/01, Here’s What He Did

by American News Editor 0

Donald Trump visited Ground Zero two days after September 11, 2001. He recalls watching “hundreds” of his “men,” his workers, that he had sent off to help find victims in the debris.

As reported by NBC News, Donald Trump described the devastating scene in a statement:

The work was dangerous:

Trump made sure to remind everyone that if they had not heard from a loved one yet do not give up hope:

Now Donald Trump has an even bigger platform as the President of the United States to remind everyone to stay united and strong. He brought up the recent storms and gave them as an example of how Americans have come together as a community to help out those in need.

Trump described that miserable day as pure evil:

He was a good man then, and a great President now.

Are you glad Trump is our President?