Dennis Rodman May Be Our Best Chance To “Straighten Things Out” Between North Korea And USA

by American News Editor 0

Dennis Rodman seems to be our only hope when it comes to understanding the Supreme Leader of North Korea. Rodman describes Kim Jong Un as his “best friend” saying that they do not discuss politics, the former basketball star is simply an “ambassador of sports.”

Kim Jong Un reportedly loves watching and playing the game of basketball, and apparently he is quite good at it.

According to Fox News:

Rodman has known Kim Jung Un since 2013, and although the rest of the world sees him a certain way, the retired basketball player says “he’s a good kid.”

Rodman is also friends with our President Donald Trump. He appeared on Celebrity Apprentice, but was quickly eliminated when he spelled Melania’s name wrong during an advertising challenge.

This is something no one could have anticipated.

Do you think the “Rodman approach” will do anything?