[VIDEO] Huge Hillary’s Voter Fraud Exposed, It Could Even Make Her Lose New Hampshire

by American News Editor 0

Reports are in and it appears that Donald Trump still beat Hillary Clinton by a long shot even with a rigged election.

New Hampshire has been found guilty of voter fraud, which is not surprising at all considering that they have been using this tactic for quite some time now. On November 8, 2016 more than 6,500 people registered to vote using out-of-state licenses. They did not obtain an in-state license nor had they registered a motor vehicle.

This video exposes the fraudulence, take a look:

Of those who were caught voting with out-of-state licenses, only 3.3% have registered their vehicle in the state of New Hampshire and only 15% have been issued new licenses. Not very reassuring.

Hillary is a disgrace to America.

Do you think this means she has never won the popular vote either?