Dog Owners Fleeing Irma Leave Their Pets Tethered To Trees Or Poles, 49 Have Been Saved In The Last 48 Hours

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Hurricane Irma has struck and there have been recorded winds of up to 142 mph. As we reported during Hurricane Harvey, the number of animals that had been abandoned was devastating and unfortunately the circumstances are not any better in Florida.

WPTV reported:

Suave stated that these winds are strong enough to pick things up and throw them as projectiles. The gusts are also powerful enough to “fillet” the skin off of any deserted animal.

According to Suave, “When you are doing this in the face of a devastating storm, this is absolutely felony animal cruelty. It’s deliberate. It’s intentional. And we will prosecute people for this.”

In Palm Beach County, the law states that you must be physically present if you want to leave your dog chained or tethered at any time.

49 animals have been rescued in the last 48 hours, and still counting…

Should the owners receive a punishment?