Irma’s Here: A Guy Gives Life Saving Recommendations Shared By Over 160,000 Americans, Including Amazing Trash Bag Trick

by American News Editor 0

In the past, sandbags have been used in many hurricanes to minimize flooding and damage, but sometimes they are not always available.

In Staten Island, the Metropolitan Transportation Authority used sandbags during Hurricane Sandy.

In 2009 in New Orleans, businesses used sandbags to prevent damage from flooding during Hurricane Gustav.

In 2015, the Langley Air Force Base piled sandbags to protect it from Hurricane Joaquin.


Florida knew they were going to get slammed by Hurricane Irma, so sandbag preparation was no exception as 16,500 sandbags were distributed, according to the Tampa Bay Times.

Edward Obediah Sweat who just dealt with Hurricane Harvey in Texas was more than happy to post a helpful message on Facebook to those in Florida that have fallen victim to Hurricane Irma:

Edward’s post was shared more than 171,000 times on Facebook. He even commented on the post, “nothing like getting 50 inches of rain in 4 days to learn about blocking water!”

We love his spirit!

This will save lives for further hurricanes as well.