Bill Nye Claims Hurricanes Are Happening Because Of Climate Change, Gets A Huge Wakeup Call From Real Scientists

by American News Editor 0

Due to the intensity and frequency of both Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma, climate change advocates are expressing their concerns and pointing the finger.

One example is Bill Nye, who was very outspoken throughout the 2016 election and has continued to be so far during Donald Trump’s presidency. Nye teamed up with fake news connoisseur Dan Rather to spread more fake news. On an episode discussing hurricanes, Nye explains that bigger storms are cause by global warming because “more heat energy in the atmosphere strengthens the storms, as you’d expect.”

Meteorologist, Ryan Maue, tried to teach Bill Nye the Fake Science Guy a little science lesson:

However, Nye is not the only one . . .

Bill Nye is nothing but a fake science joke.

Do you think the climate change is the biggest hoax of the century?