Whoopi Goldberg And Hosts Are Still Trying To Understand Why Hillary Lost Elections

by American News Editor 0

Apparently the ladies on The View have absolutely no content to discuss, as they are still talking about last year’s election like they’re gonna change the outcome or something.

Whoopi Goldberg made the ignorant comment that “we will never know” why Hillary Clinton lost the election against Donald Trump.

She continued her foolish rant stating, “But let’s be realistic. Do you really think she was going to win? Based on everything that the Democrats did when they let Obama — left him out there floating and the flotsam and jetsam and all this stuff that Fox News did and all those folks.”

Joy Behar could not contain herself and she began spewing lies, “But she did win. She did win!”

Whoopi cut in quickly, “I believe that was not going to happen. The truth of the matter is, if this election happened in any other country the way it happened here, we would have sent people to go and check. To see what was going on.” When Joy agreed with her nonsense, Whoopi proceeded saying, “We will never know. We’ll never know. We’ll never know.”

Whoopi claims “we’ll never know”. Please, get over it already!

Should they finally accept the fact that they lost once and for all?

Take a look: