Bono Slanders Trump Over Rescinding DACA And Claims « The Country Was Built For And By Dreamers »

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President Donald Trump did not completely end the DACA like he should have, he just sent the bill back to Congress so that the kinks can be worked out.

However, Bono still felt the need to attack our President on the Jimmy Fallon show over this DACA issue. He performed “Bullet in the Sky” although, he jumbled in his political rant.

“It’s a strange place we find ourselves in. It’s dangerous out there when you have a little emperor there with a bad haircut and his finger on the nuclear arsenal. And a lot of people in silly costumes following me around. And then you have the dude from North Korea,” Bono joked about North Korea.

This Irish man even called America ‘twisted’ after Trump’s DACA decision, while concluding with “Every night we’re reminded why we fell in love with this country. And it’s not just a country; it’s an idea. It’s a great idea, one of the best ideas ever. But you can feel in recent times that idea get a bit twisted.”

What is twisted is that he has an opinion when he is not even an American citizen!

Bono continued, “And then you have the ‘Dreamers,’ I mean, we’re Irish! We’re the ‘Dreamers.’ This country was built for and by ‘dreamers.’ … If there’s no room for ‘dreamers,’ where are we in America? It’s the American dream!”

Here is an example of some of the abhorrent lyrics in Bono’s song, “Suit and tie comes up to me, face orange as the rose on a thorn bush/ Skin as thin as an Orange Crush/ He’s peeling off those dollar bills / Ground shakes, but the children can’t weep/ Vaporized in a single tweet/.”

He should be ashamed.

Do you think Bono needs to stick his nose out of our politics ?

Take a look for yourselves at this disgusting scene: