US School Bans American Flags On Vehicles Because They Are “Offensive”, It Didn’t Expect The Students’ Response

by American News Editor 0

Students at Rocori High School in Minnesota wanted to show their American pride, so they flew Confederate and American flags from their cars. Administration came together and banned flying any flags on student vehicles because it was a cause for concern.

On Wednesday, at least 25 students decided to peacefully protest against this decision and it was rather effective:

The administration decided to lift the ban on flying American flags, and instead deal with “offensive flags” individually.

Scott Staska, the superintendent of Rocori High School, had initially stated that this would be the rule:

Cole Staneart, organizer of the flag protest, stated that he believes American flags honor those that have fought in the military, but he also mentioned that if he sees another student flying a Confederate flag, he will immediately ask them to get rid of it because it is not “appropriate.”

They sure didn’t expect such a response from the students.

Are you glad of the way the students handled the case?