Another NFL Player Protested Against The National Anthem, Got A Wakeup Call From Veterans

by American News Editor 0

Marcus Peters a cornerback on the Kansas City Chiefs refused to stand for the National Anthem during a preseason game. The coach did not kick him off the team surprisingly, but he did address Peters’ actions:

The team hopes that he will come to his senses and quite showing disrespect towards people who have risked their lives to protect the United States of America.

Franco Harris has mentioned that he disagrees with the actions of Colin Kaepernick. The four-time Superbowl star believes that younger players do not show the same amount of respect in a statement:

Harris believes that having a stance on a certain issue is acceptable, but do not bring that negativity to the football field and ruin the game by disrespecting your teammates, as well as the entire country.

The football field is not the place to protest.

Should every NFL player who disrespects the National Anthem receive a punishment?