Liberals’ Only Wish Is That Irma Destroys Trump’s Family House

by American News Editor 0

Hurricane Irma has already taken the lives of 23 people and it is expected to consume even more victims in its path. The biggest load of bigotry on social media right now is liberals hoping for Mar-a-Lago to be destroyed.

Take a look:

What is wrong with these people? The melt-downs continue . . .

They are insane.

Are they only pure evil?

There are Conservatives who are standing up for our President and his property:

Even if Mar-a-Lago gets destroyed, President Donald Trump has enough money to completely rebuild it. Even though that is probably not even a concern of his right now, as he just donated over a million dollars to Texas in hopes to aid the flood-ravaged stated and its victims after Hurricane Harvey. This is just harvesting unnecessary hatred towards our President, when instead we should be focused on standing united during this time of uncertainty within our nation.