Mother Who Lost Her Son At The Hand Of A “Dreamer” Shuts Every Lib Whining About DACA Down

by American News Editor 0

The reality of the DACA for Laura Wilkerson is something that she has had to deal with since her 18-year-old son was murdered by an illegal immigrant “dreamer.”

“Separation is not like our separation, they can pick their kids up and go home. Do they want to? No. Definitely they need to go home,” Wilkerson said in response to liberals’ concerns about being separated by the ending of the DACA.

She continued, “It’s a human issue. It’s so hard to just, ya know, if I’m standing looking a three-year-old kid in the face, ya know, crying ‘my mommy can’t come home,’ my question is just, your mommy should take you. That is the issue is take them with you and say, ‘ya know we tried to do this and for a while we did it, but I’ve made a mistake and this is what the consequences are, we’re going home to make a life wherever we’re from.'”

“It’s devastation to our families that will never be repaired. I will never be the same person in this earthly life that I was before he was killed by somebody that shouldn’t have been here,” added Laura about the devastation that she feels having lost a son to a DREAMer.

She concluded, “You don’t know who you are anymore without this child in your life. It’s starting over and that’s the reality of it. Everything for him stopped that day, no question. There’s no mistaking that I can’t call another country and talk to Josh. It’s just forever.”

She spoke a truth no leftist wants to hear.

Do you think that will be enough to stop libs from whining?