Linsdey Graham Presents “The Dream Act”, A Clear Road To Citizenship For Illegal Immigrants

by American News Editor 0

There are several politicians that have extreme apprehension about the ending of the DACA. For example, once news spread of Trump’s decision, Republican Senator of South Carolina Lindsey Graham and Democratic Senator Dick Durbin began constructing a plan that would allow greater amnesty to immigrants.

President Donald Trump explains that “Permits will not begin to expire for another six months, and will remain active for up to 24 months. Thus, in effect, I am not going to just cut DACA off, but rather provide a window of opportunity for Congress to finally act.”

Durbin and Graham are devising legislation called the DREAM Act that would grant about 1 million illegal immigrants citizenship. Senator Graham stated, “The reason I think it will get done now is because the leadership of the Republican Party, including the president, realizes it’s good for the country economically and otherwise to give these kids the certainty they need in their lives.”

He needs to focus on making loyal Americans his number one priority.

This is disgusting.

Is Graham betraying the real Americans?