Liberals Planning To Ban “Father’s Day” Because They Find It Offensive

by American News Editor 0

What is going on in the world? Now, in Australia, a campaign has been launched to rename “Father’s Day.” Surprisingly the idea seems to be gaining popularity.

This campaign all started because of a lady named Red Ruby Scarlet. This wave maker has a PH. D in early childhood studies and claims that Father’s Day is exceptionally unfair to children that do not have a father present in their life. She believes the name should be changed to “Special Person’s Day.”

On Adelaide’s “Today Tonight” television news show, Scarlet was asked how inclusive “Special Person’s Day” was supposed to be.

Her response to this question was:

This idea is already being implemented in schools across the country. Scarlet denies that political correctness has anything to do with her platform, as she argues that this is “fair” for everyone:

Scarlet has even assured us that there is plenty of research to back up her claim. Should we believe her because she has a Ph.D?

Scarlet is failing to realize that she could be taking away a holiday from father’s who are exceptional role models in their children’s lives. There will be a number of people that are offended by this proposition, not just fathers, grandfathers, step fathers, and fatherly figures. Why is Mother’s Day not up for discussion? This seems like just another scheme to minimize the father’s role in a child’s life.

Enough of this “politically correct” BS.

Do you think the libs are out of their mind?